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Mike Gold Class: Week 1 life Apr 06, 2022

What a crazy coincidence that on the "anniversary" of Start with a Shape, I...

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Memorial Day | Above and Beyond life May 31, 2021

I know today, Memorial Day, here in the United States, has gotten abstracted...

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Graduation Day life May 21, 2021

Graduated from Grinnell College 25 years ago today.

It was a blur.


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Must... Fight... Symmetry... life May 17, 2021

Hubby bought these blooms. 

I fought against my symmetry obsession to...

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Public Health is a team sport! life Apr 17, 2020
A week or two ago (time means nothing now), I was percolating on the paradox...
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How to Wash Your Hands for 20 Seconds | Easy, memorable steps, no singing required life Mar 22, 2020

Most folks are singing songs to #washyourhands . Here's the kinesthetic way I...

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It's not an empire if you get crushed building it. life Jun 10, 2019

Running on fumes for several weeks. Had to scrap studio plans this morning to...

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Freakishly perfect on an imperfect day life Apr 24, 2019

In other news,* the ice cubes turned out freakishly perfect. I am choosing to...

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Inside vs. Outside life Jun 09, 2018

"Don't compare your insides with someone else's outsides."

This has been...

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Flowers 06.05.18 life Jun 05, 2018

Just arranged these beauts in my studio to co-star in my visual thinking...

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Barely there rainbow life May 30, 2018

The lake has put on a wonderful show this afternoon with the rain.

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