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"How did you get into this?"


"How did you get into this?" 

☝️"This" being graphic facilitation. 

Fair question. And I dread it. 

I wish I had a pithy answer because I know someone is genuinely curious.

But the real answer in lengthy. As I reply, I spot the moment they regret asking.

My first spark of large, live drawing was 364 months ago. (Yup, that's 29.5 years)

December 1992. Early on a Thursday morning. In a grayish-greenish seminar room. 

I just came back from the "mothership," and got as close as I could to the spot and recorded the story for you. 





I stumbled into the perfect job for me. I get to work to my strengths every day. When I work as a graphic facilitator, I harness my listening, organizing, and drawing skills to help a group see and shape their work during meetings. retreats, or conferences. 

When I teach visual thinking. I teaching your to hone your visualization skills and see and shape your work. 


Wherever you are, whatever your path, I hope you are working to your strengths and always learning.


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