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What is a Charrette? visual tools

A collaborative planning and design process often used in architecture, urban...

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Public Health is a team sport!
A week or two ago (time means nothing now), I was percolating on the paradox...
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Behind the Scenes: Standing Up to the VUCA Monster sketchnotes visual thinking
One week ago, I was nearing a month-long teaching tour in Europe. Now, I am...
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Like two spies stopping for a selfie at a clandestine meeting.

You know, in a megawatt yellow room.

Just like that.

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Level 23 Graphic Facilitator graphic facilitation

Mary Robinette Kowal's tweet is just as applicable to Graphic Facilitation....

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Gunther, Extra Handsome

Gunther the Extra Handsome Cat.
Always good to be out in the world making...

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Tidy, Tidy Creamers

If anyone needed to know, I am this kind of person.

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