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CMYK (Er, KYMC...)

I will happily admit that I instigated this geekiness. At the Gapers Block...

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Milwaukee Public Library know how to self-promote.

I mean, look. I'm visiting a new (to me) library in nearby Milwaukee. Look at...

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Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth originated as a keynote presentation.*...

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Errol Morris

The Chicago Humanities Festival's 2006 theme was Peace and War. When I saw ...

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The Wizard of Oz

A brilliant part of being a graphic facilitator is being in a strategy...

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The Center for Learning and Organizational Change

topic: education | description: sketchnoting
group size: na | ...

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Insider's View of Reorganization

This image was created during a panel discussion of three speakers during one...

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DeBono's Six Thinking Hats

Here's my version of a book report, the way I take notes for myself. Edward...

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Future College | graphic facilitation

I supported a group of 100 people dedicating two days to reinventing the...

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The Divot in My Shin That Taught Me to Say No

My friend Eileen Curley posted this photo of this shirt June 2015. It...

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