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Gunther, Extra Handsome

Gunther the Extra Handsome Cat.
Always good to be out in the world making...

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Tidy, Tidy Creamers

If anyone needed to know, I am this kind of person.

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Ain't that the way?

I have been shooting lessons for Graphic Facilitation Confidential in this...

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It's not an empire if you get crushed building it.

Running on fumes for several weeks. Had to scrap studio plans this morning to...

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Working in the Overlaps

Yesterday's graphic facilitation project was pure joy. A repeat client, great...

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What to call those people who draw out your meeting?

Graphic facilitation colleagues can get frustrated by being called by a title...

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Meet the Idea Shapers: The Spectrum

Two of The Idea Shapers focused on color. The first is The Spectrum, which is...

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3 Love Letters to Teachers

On the heels of Teacher Appreciation Day/Week, I wanted to reflect on...

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Populating The Agerbeck Method's Page

So much drawing last night! Working on improving my registration page for The...

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Meet the Idea Shapers: The Flag in Depth

It is remarkable how much information you can fit in a small space when you...

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Freakishly perfect on an imperfect day

In other news,* the ice cubes turned out freakishly perfect. I am choosing to...

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All the Hep Cat Hits

I walked into the home office and these two handsome son-of-a-guns stopped me...

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Sketch Squad Spark Conference 2019
Super excited to be at the 1st ever ⚡Spark Conference ⚡ of Sketch...
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The 5 Steps of Visual Thinking

I am pretty darn excited for this video! So much fun explaining The Idea...

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Seriously, Cat?

Binx the Cat is why we can't have nice things. Or spritz cookies.

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Very slow and covered in cats


I blogged from 2000-2007. I learned how to take selfies pre-smartphone....

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Kitsch-riffic Bottle Brush Tree
I am not a traditions gal, but THIS is my favorite part of the holiday...
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Drawn Together Through Visual Practice in China

So happy and proud to see the first translation of our 2016 anthology Drawn...

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Day 90 Flowers

Flowers for recording my FINAL Agerbeck Method video today!! They had to be...

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"Pencil is the World's Most Optimistic Tool."

With the lead so long and the eraser so short, the pencil is the world's most...

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Hello, Pumpkin.

Happy Halloween from studio!        ...

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