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New Deep Dive: Pyramid Power

If you want to the get your scattered thoughts onto paper and organize them,...

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My GIGANTIC Reasons to ❤️ Visual Thinking | Inktober 2017

In this week's #studiotuesday I was inspired by today's Inktober prompt,...

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Team Timeline Building | Coordinate your year in 12 Steps

Yesterday, I supported a group creating a complex timeline.

That was...

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IFVP Austin 2015 | Joel Garreau's Opening Keynote

"Radical Evolution: The Future of What It Means to be a Human" was our...

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He REALLY likes green peppers.

Showed J today's work on The Idea Shapers about scale. He demonstrated how...

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20x2 How Do You Do?

My 2 minute answer to "How do you do?" at the 3rd 20x2 Chicago. Twenty...

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Think in Levels | excerpt from The Graphic Facilitator's Guide

Not all information lives on the same level. Your charts should be organized...

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