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Renibbing Neuland BigOnes materials

Just an evening in, renibbing Neuland BigOne markers. As you do. Not...

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Fuzzy brains, please.
Oof. Gotta say I have been going through a s**t time. Just want to curl up...
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Hello, Studio. Hello, Collage.

I promised myself when I got a new studio that I would finally give myself a...

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Befriend you brain.

I was hiding under my desk, only a week after I moved into my beloved studio....

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New Pandemic Game

Fun game:
Every time you see an abandoned mask on the ground say, "Rapture."


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Listen: Brandy Agerbeck loves Harold and Maude listen

My host Leah Jones interviews folks on how they found the things the love. We...

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Watch: Brandy Agerbeck and Erez Zukerman talk Visual Thinking

If you think drawing on paper isn't for techies or writers, let Erez Zukerman...

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All that potential... materials

First time in the studio in a month. Look at all of that potential...

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20x2: What's Your Plan? m7: shape

COVID-19 thwarted last month's 20x2 Chicago show. But our intrepid leaders, ...

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Let's Talk Avatars m8: image

Avatars are a pretty fascinating part of visual culture. Like cartoon or...

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What is a Charrette? visual tools

A collaborative planning and design process often used in architecture, urban...

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