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Neuland • 50 Years of Passion
I smiled throughout this whole video.
Such an honor and a pleasure to...
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What is Visual Thinking?

Visual thinking is a learnable skillset that helps make you make the...

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Pumpkin Spice Visual Thinking

First off, I know pumpkin spice is about pie spices, not about pumpkin...

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The Visual Thinker's "Back-to-School" Supply List

I may not have had an official first day of school since 1995, but I...

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Neuland Mini Workshop: The Trio | EuViz 2018

Of course when Neuland invited me to teach a 15-minute workshop...

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3 Tips for Sketchnoters

Thank you, Mike Rohde, for inviting me to kickoff his fifth season of ...

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Flowers 07.06.18

Darn beautiful... and I these taught me I am allergic to lilies. 

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I can't share any details from today's graphic facilitation client. But I...

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Drawing out your goals.

On Day 2 in The Agerbeck Method, I guide you through drawing your own...

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Limerick Praise

Anthony Wedgwood Benn's letter to Charles Eames, 1961. Clearly, I need to...

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Keep your eyes on your own page, Agerbeck!

How much potential do we squander? How much harm do we do to ourselves? Time...

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3 Keys Summary | From The Agerbeck Method

Minutes after enrolling in The Agerbeck Method, you'll receive this first...

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Inside vs. Outside

"Don't compare your insides with someone else's outsides."

This has been...

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Flowers 06.05.18

Just arranged these beauts in my studio to co-star in my visual thinking...

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How to Turn Grocery Store Bouquets into GORGEOUS Arrangement
"Oh, I don't buy flowers anymore.
When I put them in the vase, they just...
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Making Meaningful Choices

Making a drawing may feel like only making a mess. 

With The Agerbeck...

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Barely there rainbow

The lake has put on a wonderful show this afternoon with the rain.

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Making a Drawing to Make Meaning

When you begin The Agerbeck Method, you're greeted by this welcome video.


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Agerbecks Agerbecking

This photo is SOOO my family. At the Olde Tyme photo studio, Dad wanted to be...

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One Year After the Call
Altered photo of street number on a Copenhagen street. 
A year...
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Planning The Agerbeck Method One Card at a Time

Planning The Agerbeck Method, my comprehensive online visual thinking...

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Trios are Good Medicine
Found a really good mindless task to do while I've been sick this week.
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Accidental selfie, photographing Rothko.

In other news, I got to see my two...

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