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Listen: Unconventional with Amy Guth

What a delight to be a guest on Amy Guth's podcast, Unconventional. And to be...

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New Deep Dive: LUCID Listening

This morning I made my breakthrough on the next Deep Dive Day, LUCID...

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Learn Visual Thinking Step-by-Step and with Community in 2022
Now is a perfect time to make visual thinking your lifelong skill. The...
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Doom Boxes

Give a thing a name. Share that name. Feel better. 

A friend shared this...

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Sneak Peek: Bold Lines

Made a BIG drawing with BIG markers for an upcoming something... 

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Vantage Points and Visual Practice • Visual Practitioners Africa 2021

Had the great pleasure and privilege to speak virtually for the first time on...

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New Deep Dive: Spectrum Savvy

Embrace all the facets of color in our next Deep Dive Day, Spectrum...

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How to Focus When You Are Listening

In this video and article:
The #1 biggest pitfall that gets in the way of...

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Summer Weirdo

TFW you get ready to go out on a perfect Summer day, and then you see are a...

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IBM's THINK signs

“In a restroom at IBM’s Watson Center, a supervisor had placed a...

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Memorial Day | Above and Beyond

I know today, Memorial Day, here in the United States, has gotten abstracted...

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Graduation Day

Graduated from Grinnell College 25 years ago today.

It was a blur.


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New Deep Dive: Visual Listening

The power skill in the noise of the 21st century is visual...

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Must... Fight... Symmetry...

Hubby bought these blooms. 

I fought against my symmetry obsession to...

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Nine meatballs
When packing up dinner leftovers reminds you of your signature online course...
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The Sprinkles Say...

Happy Valentines Day from my Do Rite Donut from a few days ago. I forget what...

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Pickle Bouquet

TODAY'S MISSION: Making a pickle bouquet for my husband. #picklemission ...

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Circles of Gunther


I stumbled on a picture of Gunther the Cat on my phone. His thin...

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Stack Magic Kits
When I teach live, even online, I want folks to have the Right Tools for the...
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