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New Dino Smell Feb 17, 2017

Years ago, I was at the Field Museum.

I didn't know they had Mold-A-Ramas. Came across the...

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Sweets for my sweet. valentines day Feb 14, 2017

Made lil' hearts for our dessert.

The gorgeous Gerbers he gave me. I met a man who knew about...

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Introducing The Idea Shapers the idea shapers Feb 06, 2017

November 2016 - Book complete 

December 2016 - Kickstarter's 274 backers...

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"But you didn't tell me how much turmeric to get." Nov 21, 2016

"It was $5.99 a pound. I've got $5.99."

I should be mid-flight towards an artists retreat...

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Between Two Ferns graphic facilitation Nov 18, 2016

Look! I am between two ferns. #GraphicFacilitation #drawing #readytoroll

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Renibbing neuland tools Nov 17, 2016

Last night, 5 Neuland BigOne markers got refilled and re-nibbed for tomorrow's project. #drawing...

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(Maybe) Last Proof of The Idea Shapers Ordered! books self-publishing Oct 28, 2016

I may have just ordered the LAST proof of The Idea Shapers!!!  

I say "may have"...

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It is in messy drawings that work really happens... books Oct 17, 2016

In July, alongside 26 other fantastic contributors, we launched an anthology on visual practice,...

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Beating Pulse Jun 22, 2016

Heartbroken today with news of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Drew this to express my grief. Feel...

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Graphic Facilitation: Repeating the shape of the conversation m5 line May 26, 2016

My client is a packaged goods company who focused on their shopper avatar and the in-store...

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