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Lab Partners @ Austin IFVP workshops Jul 18, 2015

International Forum of Visual Practitioners conference 2015 in Austin was a...

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IFVP Austin 2015 | Joel Garreau's Opening Keynote brandy's portfolio graphic facilitation Jul 15, 2015

"Radical Evolution: The Future of What It Means to be a Human" was our...

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I feel like a scribble. Jul 13, 2015

Stresses have been mounting.

One of the biggest is not meeting my original...

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Happy America, Peeps! Jul 03, 2015

Went to a BBQ today and brought cupcakes topped with patriotic Peeps

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Cirque Des Puces books m2: proximity Jun 06, 2015

Total joy writing/drawing The Idea Shapers. This will be on the opening...

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Bali Ha'i may call you... life Jun 05, 2015

My friend Darlene shared a t-shirt drawing from our Fridley High School...

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He REALLY likes green peppers. m6: scale Jun 02, 2015

Showed J today's work on The Idea Shapers about scale. He demonstrated how...

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Celebrate our accomplishments graphic facilitation m8: image May 18, 2015

 A detail of today's graphic facilitation project. 

Notice the how...

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Rolling, rolling, rolling... graphic facilitation m1: canvas tools May 16, 2015

Turned 5 50-yard rolls into ten 25-yard rolls. Ready for...

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Connecting Ideas in Visual Thinking books m5: line Apr 20, 2015

Favorite Idea Shapers drawing from yesterday. Determined to not reuse...

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3 Levels of White Space in Visual Thinking books m2: proximity Apr 19, 2015

Working on negative space for The Idea Shapers. This drawing will be in...

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