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Beautiful Spill Jul 21, 2017


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Got here just in time. travel Jul 14, 2017

I ordered a rainbow over Nivå Bay for @Guido and Verena's wedding....

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Peacocks travel Jul 14, 2017

I am jetlagged to high heaven, but somehow fueled by fantastic friendships...

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#accidentalgarden home Jul 12, 2017

Let's just go with it.

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ORD > AMS > CPH travel Jul 12, 2017

O'hare is ROUGH today from all the AM storms.

But I am on vacation!!...

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Dinner party symmetry. Ah... home Jul 08, 2017

Setting a table is a joy to me. J leads on the cooking, I give us a beautiful...

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Pen-ventory tools Jul 07, 2017

Months of mess, time to organize my tools.

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Flowers 07.07.17 flowers Jul 07, 2017






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Post-Gig Self Care graphic facilitation Jun 21, 2017

Post gig self care. Drawing arm is aching. Slather it in ungents and...

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Flowers 06.19.17 flowers Jun 19, 2017

Haven't arranged flowers in a couple months.



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Hello, New Friend. tools May 30, 2017

I met a beautiful, new pencil friend at Martha Mae: Art Supplies &...

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Thank you, Sky lake May 30, 2017

Awww, a double rainbow over Lake Michigan welcomes our windows newly...

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