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coWhat an absolute pleasure to work with today's graphic facilitation client....

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Tattoo #2

Above: Testing the design out on Thursday

Fifteen years after my first...

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Puppet Bike!

I am stupidhappy that Martin Haussmann got to see puppet bike on...

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Big, open heart seeks same.

Friend Julie Gieseke leads in loving up ourselves in the month of...

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Being : Doing

Friend Julie Gieseke leads in loving up ourselves in the month of...

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Halloween 2013 • Hallomeme

Cinnamon Cooper and Andrew Huff's stellar Halloween party's 2013 theme was...

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Ico's 4th and 5th Sense

My "guy," my everyman, is named Ico. Nico or icon without the N. :^) I use...

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Value of the Program

My latest graphic facilitation project was a program capstone session....

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Creating Flow in Your Graphic Facilitation

Very pleased with the flow in this graphic facilitation chart for my client....

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Sartorial Truth

I just compared stripey socks w a participant. I love what he said, "Socks...

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Internal and External Issues

One of the Objectives of today's graphic facilitation client was to have...

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Q+A: How can I become a graphic facilitator?

Here I describe opportunities to learn about graphic facilitation. I lead The...

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So we're doing THIS now?

I've been seeing the shifts in how folks are looking at art in museums. At...

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The Essential 8

As a graphic facilitator, how do you prioritize what to draw?

Peek into the...

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Shape Your Thinking at TEDxWindyCity

Shape Your Thinking is my talk at TEDxWindyCity 2013. Please do watch my...

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Kale Sparkling Among Holiday Flowers

Totally in love with this bouquet from Whole Foods. A delight to...

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Ico, my Everyman, as Neuland Catalog Cover Model

I am pleased as punch to reprise my graphic facilitation for the Neuland...

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Holy Buckets!

Buckets are my favorite metaphorical container.


  • They...
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