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Sister Wreath holiday Nov 21, 2015

My fave part of the season = crafting & decoration. Blissed out making a wreath for my...

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Culling Cards the stack tools Nov 17, 2015

What happens when I tidy up and put all the index cards in ONE place. #ideashapers ...

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Well, Hello, Rainbow. Oct 30, 2015

Four days focused on the future of my business. I will take this as a good sign. #ideashapers

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Shadowdancing graphic facilitation Oct 27, 2015

Graphic facilitation day with group of 400, so bright lights and shadow dancing while I draw....

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Ink Inventory neuland tools Oct 12, 2015

After 3 days with 6 people joining me in The Lab using ALL of the markers, what do I do?


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Celebrate our accomplishments graphic facilitation May 18, 2015

 A detail of today's graphic facilitation project. 

Notice the how the "road of change"...

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Rolling, rolling, rolling... graphic facilitation m1 canvas tools May 16, 2015

Turned 5 50-yard rolls into ten 25-yard rolls. Ready for the next 10 graphic...

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Connecting Ideas in Visual Thinking books the idea shapers Apr 20, 2015

Favorite Idea Shapers drawing from yesterday. Determined to not reuse anything from my 1st...

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3 Levels of White Space in Visual Thinking books the idea shapers Apr 19, 2015

Working on negative space for The Idea Shapers. This drawing will be in chapter on The...

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First Spring Walk Mar 10, 2015

Treasure from my first beach walk of the year. Soaking up the sun, sucking in the fresh air.

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See what, you say? Feb 02, 2015

Love that the cars across street draw heart and brain shapes in the parking lot.

When I posted...

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