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Hello, Studio. Hello, Collage. collage Aug 18, 2020

I promised myself when I got a new studio that I would finally give myself a...

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New Pandemic Game Jul 08, 2020

Fun game:
Every time you see an abandoned mask on the ground say, "Rapture."


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Listen: Brandy Agerbeck loves Harold and Maude listen Jul 08, 2020

My host Leah Jones interviews folks on how they found the things the love. We...

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Watch: Brandy Agerbeck and Erez Zukerman talk Visual Thinking guest visual thinking Jun 24, 2020

If you think drawing on paper isn't for techies or writers, let Erez Zukerman...

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All that potential... studio tools Jun 05, 2020

First time in the studio in a month. Look at all of that potential...

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20x2: What's Your Plan? creativity m7: shape May 22, 2020

COVID-19 thwarted last month's 20x2 Chicago show. But our intrepid leaders, ...

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Let's Talk Avatars m8: image May 17, 2020

Avatars are a pretty fascinating part of visual culture. Like cartoon or...

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Public Health is a team sport! drawing Apr 17, 2020
A week or two ago (time means nothing now), I was percolating on the paradox...
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How to Wash Your Hands for 20 Seconds | Easy, memorable steps, no singing required Mar 22, 2020

Most folks are singing songs to #washyourhands . Here's the kinesthetic way I...

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Behind the Scenes: Standing Up to the VUCA Monster sketchnotes visual thinking Mar 10, 2020
One week ago, I was nearing a month-long teaching tour in Europe. Now, I am...
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