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Graphic Facilitation: Customer 360 graphic facilitation ico m8 image May 25, 2016

Yesterday's project was all about humans and technology. A conference all about data, user...

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Peony Explosion! flowers May 20, 2016

Flower arranging. Gorgeous peonies. Billy balls.

Friends visiting.

Harold and Maude on in the...

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My teenage drawing style? Horror vacui. drawing May 19, 2016

An example of the excruciating detail of my teenage drawings. This was about age 15, 16? I poured...

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What a difference The Fill Makes m7 shape visual thinking May 18, 2016

A soon-to-be double page spread in The Idea Shapers. This demonstration is in The Fill's chapter....

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Drawing lets your inner voice be seen. sketchnotes visual thinking May 11, 2016

Shush that Inner Critic when you drawing out your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The drawing...

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"40 more years of this!" Apr 28, 2016

J found my post it notes this morning. Left me a dozen or so goofy notes.

I sort of woke up when...

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James Allenspach at 20x2 Chicago | Why Did You Stop? speaking Apr 23, 2016

James Allenspach invited me to be part of his video piece for tonight's 20x2 Chicago. Twenty...

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Listen: On Shaping Your Talk with Visuals podcast Apr 06, 2016

Such a delight to speak with Sally Zimney, fellow professional speaker and fellow Minnesotan, on...

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#minnesotaraised Mar 01, 2016

I went to bus shelter, puzzled that glass had been replaced w rippled privacy glass. Ah, it was...

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Right Scarf and the Book Writes Itself, No? Feb 09, 2016

I feel like a Serious Author wearing this giant plaid scarf while writing The Idea Shapers....

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I've been in the relatively same oval wireframes for 20+ years. It's because they couldn't be...

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