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I've been in the relatively same oval wireframes for 20+ years. It's because...

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Sister Wreath

My fave part of the season = crafting & decoration. Blissed out...

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Culling Cards m1: canvas materials

What happens when I tidy up and put all the index cards in ONE place. ...

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Well, Hello, Rainbow.

Four days focused on the future of my business. I will take this as a good...

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Shadowdancing graphic facilitation

Graphic facilitation day with group of 400, so bright lights and shadow...

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Ink Inventory materials

After 3 days with 6 people joining me in The Lab using ALL of the markers,...

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Team Timeline Building | Coordinate your year in 12 Steps graphic facilitation m9: flow

Yesterday, I supported a group creating a complex timeline.

That was...

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Lab Partners @ Austin IFVP community

International Forum of Visual Practitioners conference 2015 in Austin was a...

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IFVP Austin 2015 | Joel Garreau's Opening Keynote graphic facilitation

"Radical Evolution: The Future of What It Means to be a Human" was our...

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I feel like a scribble.

Stresses have been mounting.

One of the biggest is not meeting my original...

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Happy America, Peeps!

Went to a BBQ today and brought cupcakes topped with patriotic Peeps

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Cirque Des Puces books m2: proximity

Total joy writing/drawing The Idea Shapers. This will be on the opening...

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