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Friend Pat Jurgaitis posted this to his husband Jim Thaxton: 


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Some ideas put up real fight
Tonight's idea shaping is a drag out, knockout brawl.
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I like to get kissed a lot.

Yummy snicky snack dinner and Dog Day Afternoon with my Sweetie.

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The Power of Paper and Pen at MIAD
Thrilled to be teaching visual thinking and graphic facilitation to a group...
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3.5 → 1
Spent SJC > LAX synthesizing 3.5 days into 1 page of my biggest learnings
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This is what the future looks like, right?

 Tom Bradley International Terminal, Los Angeles

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Exhausted + Excited

What's percolating after conference to hone my speaker chops.


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6 Years of Permssion!

Hey! 6 years ago, Pamela Meyer and I co-created a book. Her third? My...

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Active Recovery
Recovery is absolutely crucial, because I put it ALL out there when I teach....
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Flowers for you

More blooms for you. I love how these ranunculus and craspedia stems...

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Sunny Flowers

Thunderstorms outside, sunny flowers inside. Share with someone who...

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My GIGANTIC Reasons to ❤️ Visual Thinking | Inktober 2017

In this week's #studiotuesday I was inspired by today's Inktober prompt,...

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Beautiful Spill


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I am jetlagged to high heaven, but somehow fueled by fantastic friendships...

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Got here just in time.

I ordered a rainbow over Nivå Bay for @Guido and Verena's wedding....

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O'hare is ROUGH today from all the AM storms.

But I am on vacation!!...

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Let's just go with it.

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Thank you to @grinnellcollege 's alumni magazine for highlighting The Idea...

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Dinner party symmetry. Ah...

Setting a table is a joy to me. J leads on the cooking, I give us a beautiful...

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Months of mess, time to organize my tools.

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Flowers 07.07.17






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Post-Gig Self Care

Post gig self care. Drawing arm is aching. Slather it in ungents and...

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