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Think in Levels | excerpt from The Graphic Facilitator's Guide books graphic facilitation

Not all information lives on the same level. Your charts should be organized...

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Three hearts in your heart. Always.

You are love. 

You are loving. 

You are lovable. 

Here's a...

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Speaking on Synthesis • IFVP Aloha 2011 graphic facilitation m7: shape speaking

Colleague and dear friend Lynn Carruthers totally had my number.

She knew I...

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Be Like a Postage Stamp

Be like a postage stamp. Stick to something until you get there.

- Josh...

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One night in Auckland books

I was sitting in front of my computer laying out a book. Not the one I paused...

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Christchurch > Greymouth > Christchurch

I had a brilliant day on the Tranzalpine train from Christchurch to...

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An extremely common refrain of mine is:

"I've got a lot of stuff going on,...

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DePaul Facilitation Symposium

Above: teaching facilitators how to get more lines from one chisel-tip...

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Louder Listening graphic facilitation

Culture shocked. Today's graphic facilitation gig = Latinos talk Latino...

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Pamela Meyer at TEDxPeachtree • Playspace Model books

I wish I could have been there to cheer on Pamela Meyer at TEDxPeachtree as...

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