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Bubbles + Stems graphic facilitation m5: line

As you develop your visual practice, you hone your own "visual voice." This...

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A Trio Per Team graphic facilitation m4: color

Yesterday's post was a way bigger personal lesson, but I realized that I had...

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The Sunniest of Sunnies

New sunglasses from Zenni optical online. They were supposed to have darker...

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Graphic Facilitation Show & Tell: Applause-O-Meter graphic facilitation m8: image

A quick video [2:43] on creating an Applause-O-Meter on a recent graphic...

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Tangible To-Do List materials

April until August inside my studio door. Love that I can view the...

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6 Mood Boosters

I’m not one to kvetch online, but some things have kind of...

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Brandy the Magpie is Happy

Here’s a pic of the bib necklace I designed and made to wear to...

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Intro to Graphic Facilitation Tutorials graphic facilitation

My introduction to my graphic facilitation video tutorials. For...

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Ornament: Muffy

Muffy, a Christmas ornament I designed and made.She's about 2.5" high, 4"...

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I've done 40 out of the 132 stupid things
I'm such a square.

Level 1
( ) Smoked A Cigarette
( ) Smoked A Cigar...

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