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Ornament: Muffy craft Nov 17, 2009

Muffy, a Christmas ornament I designed and made.She's about 2.5" high, 4" wide. (sold out)

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I've done 40 out of the 132 stupid things Mar 31, 2009
I'm such a square.

Level 1
( ) Smoked A Cigarette
( ) Smoked A Cigar
( ) Kissed A Member...

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Barack Obama's First Inauguration Speech graphic facilitation sketchnotes Jan 20, 2009


industry/topic description group
time date
politics, America ...
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Training in the Belbin Team Roles graphic facilitation Jun 18, 2008

An example of working with the client and the facilitator on how to best present a model they are...

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CMYK (Er, KYMC...) m4: color May 30, 2008

I will happily admit that I instigated this geekiness. At the Gapers Block Anniversary...

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Milwaukee Public Library know how to self-promote. library May 23, 2008

I mean, look. I'm visiting a new (to me) library in nearby Milwaukee. Look at this book plate...

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Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth graphic facilitation Aug 04, 2007

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth originated as a keynote presentation.* As a graphic...

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Errol Morris sketchnotes Oct 31, 2006

The Chicago Humanities Festival's 2006 theme was Peace and War. When I saw Errol Morris was part...

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TEST POST Jan 01, 2006


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The Center for Learning and Organizational Change sketchnotes Jul 01, 2004

topic: education | description: sketchnoting
group size: na | drawing size: 8"x8"...

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Insider's View of Reorganization sketchnotes May 27, 2004

This image was created during a panel discussion of three speakers during one of ...

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