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Messy drawings can create clarity. Sep 28, 2022

Messy drawings can create clarity. 

Messy drawings actually create MORE...

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How do I get my team up at the whiteboard with me? Sep 14, 2022

Sue, a software tester, asked a fantastic question in Drawing as a Verb which...

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How do I build my graphic facilitation portfolio? graphic facilitation Aug 28, 2022

I'm just beginning my graphic recording career. How do I build up my...

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When should I work for free? graphic facilitation Aug 22, 2022

Before my nuanced answer below, my quick, flippant answer is "working for...

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Latest Drawing Bee community Jul 10, 2022

Today was our monthly Drawing Bee in Loosetooth Studio.

1 | In a bee --...

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Tools for First Rate Flipcharts tools May 19, 2022

Ooh, so tingly designing the kits for next month's internal training, First...

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How to Choose Colors in Your Visual Thinking Using The Trio m4: color Apr 29, 2022

Such a great live call today in Loosetooth Studio that I wanted to share.


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Mike Gold Class: Week 1 life Apr 06, 2022

What a crazy coincidence that on the "anniversary" of Start with a Shape, I...

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Listen: Unconventional with Amy Guth listen Mar 24, 2022

What a delight to be a guest on Amy Guth's podcast, Unconventional. And to be...

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